Your Home, Your Time

FACT:     Most of us are busy...Working, Family Time, Shopping, More Working, Laundry, Hobbies, and still more Work.  A typical schedule doesn't allow much time to get to a retailer and design a renovation project...especially during normal business hours.  At M & S Tile, we understand that.  So we offer a special service called Your Home, Your Time to help out, at no charge. 

  • We will send out a representative to your site anytime between 7am and 10:30pm, Monday thru Friday, to look at the job and get a feeling for what material and price range will work for you. (Saturday meetings are accepted, but appointments must be made at least four days in advance)
  • We then schedule a second meeting at your site and bring up to eight samples directed at the style and specs of your project.  Most of our clients appreciate this concise method as opposed to wandering through thousands of samples in a showroom.
  • Once you've chosen the material, we give you a quote for the project, and if accepted, we typically can begin the renovation within 2-10 business days, unless the material is a special order that has a longer lead time to arrive to us.  A 50% deposit is needed to begin the ordering process.
  • Included in this method is a before and after photo record of your project.
  • Full access to all Material Mediums such as Marble, Limestone, Exotic Stones, Glass or Metal Tile and Mosaics, Porcelain Tile, Wood, Cork, and many more


Tile Floor In Progress
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Access to All Material Mediums
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