About Us
       M & S Tile was started in 1986 by three veterans of the tile and stone business: John Pludrzynski, Mario Positano, and Sandrino Zanetti.  Mario and Sandy, both with 30 years of experience at the time, supervised all fieldwork while John ran day to day operations and bid on new projects.  After building a profitable business together, Mario and Sandy retired by 1998, and John has been the sole owner ever since, developing the company and bringing in his two sons Andrew and Thomas to help expand and cater to an everchanging market.  Office Supervisor Teri Curtain has also been with the company since its inception in 1986. 
       Originally formed to compete for large scale commercial work, M & S Tile has developed into a full-service retailer / installer that works on a variety of projects, small and large.  We hope to expand into full Kitchen and Bath renovations by the end of 2008, offering single box shopping for all your renovation needs, not just floor and wall finishes.

John looks through tile in the Latham Store - 1989
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Mario, Sandy, John and Don Kellesh
Some Golf In Support of Charity